What you need to know as a student

At Christa College, we are totally committed to providing professional, practical and personalised tuition in a relaxed, yet focused, learning environment. Your learning experience will be productive and useful and we hope that you will maintain long-term relationships with your trainers and colleagues.

To help you to understand the way our College works and to help you get the most from your studies, we are providing this Student Handbook, which we hope will answer many of the questions you may have about studying with us.

If your application to study at our College is successful, you must read the Student Handbook and attend a compulsory Orientation Programme before commencing your course, where the Student Handbook will be once again explained to you. 

If, after reading the student handbook you have any questions, please ask your agent, trainer or another staff member to explain.

We are here to assist you to learn as quickly as possible and we encourage you to talk to us at any time to discuss any problems you may have. 

We trust that your time with our College is an enjoyable one and that the skills you learn here prove valuable in your chosen career.